Coaching people to find meaning and success in their work is my calling – and I am honored to be a part of my clients’ stories.

Being coached by Jessica is like having a translator for your own thoughts that you can’t quite make sense of. She brings clarity by reflecting back what she hears and she’s a fantastic listener. Best yet, she makes sure you make progress by getting clear around your objectives. I have turned to Jessica for advice throughout my career and will continue to do so!

Arielle M., health care executive

“I have had the incredible pleasure of working alongside Jessica for over 2 years. She has been a vital partner in my career journey – providing me counsel, action, and confidence. There is no other coach I’d rather have beside me. She’s grounded, intelligent, empathetic and, ultimately, helps you create the best version of yourself. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jessica is fortunate, indeed. I am blessed to call her a partner.”

Kathryn S., nonprofit executive

“It is very often that I want to email you my heartfelt thanks, but days go by very fast and here we are months after and it’s you that contacted me. It’s all your fault though. You just pointed me in the right direction and let me go, like an arrow … I feel so much happier and more fulfilled and I’m making such an impact.”

Martin G., small business owner

“Coaching gave me a global view of my life as a whole with all its moving parts. I never looked at it this way. I believe this experience has helped me integrate all the part in one unifying whole. I am more congruent within my self and do not feel as dispersed. You also made it very easy to be comfortable with you.”

Bassel H., entrepreneur

“In the midst of working in a hectic place, stressful challenges and changing work environment, coaching provided the opportunity to: Speak to a calm, wise, objective professional at deliberate intervals, which provided a safe place to work on important current issues. It gave me the space to focus on long term professional development to become a better leader and improve as a manager.”

Nonprofit CEO

“I appreciated having someone to talk to that doesn’t have a stake in the decisions I’m making.  I didn’t have to edit my thoughts and felt comfortable being completely honest.  I found myself saying things I didn’t even realize I thought.”

Vice President, Consulting Firm