Career Coaching

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Why career coaching?

  • When you’re trying to make a change, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start…
  • When you feel stuck figuring out what’s next in your career…
  • When everyone’s giving you advice, but none of it really helps you move forward…
  • When you want to change careers but no one will take you seriously…
  • When you keep striking out with online applications…

I bring my years of recruiting expertise to help my coaching clients fast-track into their next career with thoughtfulness, and by prioritizing what matters to them.

This is Holistic Career Coaching.


Your work

Your family

Your finances

Your quality of life

What matters to you


Expert guidance

Clear paths to meaningful work

Real options

Authentic marketing

Maximizing the skills & experience you value


Challenging questions

No bullshit

Working a plan – together

Quick progress

Seeing you through to new success

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